How Do We Connect With Our Bodies?

21 Apr

396 300x224 How Do We Connect With Our Bodies?

What can we do to connect with our bodies?  The first step is to start taking time to recognize when our breathing is not as full as we would like it to be.  When breathing becomes short or we find ourselves holding our breath is the first indicator that our body is under stress.  The next thing we can do is pay attention to any tightness or any restrictions that we feel in any of our movements.  (more…)

The Acupuncture Meridians

13 Mar

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Acupuncture has its roots in classical Chinese medicine, which was based primarily on works ascribed to three legendary emperors. Ancient Chinese cosmology states that the universe was created through the interplay of nature’ s basis duality: the active, light, dry, warm, positive, masculine yang, and the passive, dark, cold, moist, negative yin. All things are combination of these positive and negative energies. If the yin yang balance is maintained, good health, long life and a youthful physique will ensue. Disregard of this balance leads to illness. (more…)

The Mind Lies, The Body Never Does…

10 Feb

2848276764 e63606b0d1 m1 The Mind Lies, The Body Never Does...

The mind lies, but the body never does.  The way our minds lie for instance when we are tired, we can override the fatigue by drinking caffeine to stay up.  Another way our minds can lie is that when we feel tightness in our neck or shoulders, we can tell ourselves we do not feel the pain and pretty soon, “voila,” poof the pain disappears.  It never disappears, all we have done is disconnect from our bodies ignoring the tightness and pain. (more…)

Balance In Body And Mind – The Practice Of Yoga

11 Oct

P81100051 224x300 Balance In Body And Mind   The Practice Of Yoga

Movements are like waves you have to go with them …

More and more people come to understand about the the body’s own incredible potential for self -healing through yoga practice. The body is a miracle of bio-engineering, able to heal wounds, mend bones, fight infection, restore depleted energy, and resist all kinds of virus. The most immediately apparent way in which the practice of yoga asanas helps the body is in improving the flexibility and mobility of the spine and joints. Yoga asanas has proved to be a totally safe form of exercise. (more…)

The Spirit Of Yoga

11 Aug

P8110011 300x224 The Spirit Of Yoga

Yoga is as old as civilization and has been practiced for thousand years as a gentle but powerful means of achieving strength, flexibility,stillness, and balance in body and mind. Though it originated on the subcontinent of India thousands of years ago, more and more people in the West are turning to yoga as a way of dealing with the stresses and strains of modern living. Few countries can match the scale and diversity of India and no other country has its religion so intertwined with every aspect of live. Indian philosophy concentrates largely on man’s spiritual destiny, which is why it is so bound up with Indian religion, often blurring the boundaries between the religion, particularly between Hinduism and Buddhism. In thousand of years of Indian scriptures passed down over the centuries there are many references to yoga as a path toward the Truth.3145372234 cbdcaf753b m The Spirit Of Yoga  (more…)

Transcendental Meditation

12 Jul

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3948644011 fd0b4d49d3 m Transcendental Meditation

The Beatles found themselves transformed by their meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who, forty years ago, taught them to practice them to practice Transcendental Meditation. He opened their eyes to new ways of perception. Transcendental Meditation movement, which teaches a technique now practiced by millions of people all over the world. It is promoted as the simplest and most effective technique for gaining deep relaxation, inner happiness, and fulfillment. And indeed the technique appears to have been validated by research, which includes studies into improved health, cognitive performance,and even reduction in crime rates related to the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

It is not a set of beliefs, a philosophy, a lifestyle, or a religion, it’s an experience, a mental technique one practices every day for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Aging Or Youthing

30 Jun

4565465739 f8a7f89546 m Aging Or Youthing


The fountain of youth is you …  You are in charge. You have the power to activate the life and death mechanism in your own body. Youthing is a process, and it can work only so long as you enjoy it. A healthy individual displays three qualities: action,wisdom, and devotion.

Studies have shown that the body chemistry is altered by the role an actor plays. The truth is, we are all actors on life’s stage, and all our lives are shaped by the parts we choose to play. To recast yourself in a different role, change the way you see yourself, and the world will change its perception.

The Big And The Small

7 Jun

1046115438 87377e1a94 m1 The Big And The Small

What are the microcosmos and what is the macrocosmos? Those are really relative terms. They are meant to convey a relationship and can be different things in different instances. For example: When we are talking about our bodies, it is our physical selves that are the macrocosmos, while our individual cells are the microcosmos. (more…)

Color In Therapy

31 May


3452192429 f55a1ffd45 m Color In Therapy


Color is a phenomenon which surrounds as and which is often taken for granted. It is displayed in full glory though the wonder of the rainbow and the awe – inspiring spectacle of the polar lights, known as the aurora borealis. Colors are the visible part of what is known as electromagnetic spectrum.



The Human Aura

23 May

4371043373 8371f8b279 m The Human Aura


The human aura is a field of energy, encapsulating the body. It constantly ebbs and flows, is forever moving and changing moment by moment, expanding, contracting, and changing in intensity and vibrancy. Each individual’s aura is unique  - in size, color, and quality. The aura of one person can be radically different from that of another. (more…)