Affirmation and Mantras

18 Nov

011636at Affirmation and Mantras

Words are incredibly powerful. They are the link between thought and action. Expressing an intention out loud or on paper makes it much more real, more doable.

Although meditation is often associated with being in silence, there are words that go along with this practice. They are spoken in two forms – as affirmations of our intent before and or after meditation, and as mantras during meditation.

There are no right or wrong affirmation or mantras. Choosing the words for your meditation routine is a very personal matter. Your affirmation will have to do with your personal intent. Your mantra or mantras may also be related to your intent, or they may be given to you by a teacher. Whatever words you choose to utter, make sure they have the real meaning to you.

While they are both part of the same process, affirmations and mantras are distinct from each other. Affirmation are statements of what we mean to do and be. If you believe that you are your word, then stating that you are what you intend to be a simple link to becoming it. The language of affirmation is always positive and focuses on the end result rather than the process. Words like hope, wish, and want don’t belong in your affirmations. For example, if your intention is to lose weight, rather than ” I will lose weight,” or I hope to lose weight,” the affirmation should be : ” I am losing weight.” As you state your affirmations, you should also visualize the end result.

Mantras, put simply, are phrases that help us to become conscious of the divinity within and around us. They can be very simple or very complex strings of words, in our own language or in another. It is important to know the meaning of your mantras. You should always infuse them with positive intent, for mantras are powerful. Their meanings are meant to awaken you to the miraculousness of live, and the powerful, divine life force that makes each of us a sacred entity within a larger sacred community.

There is also an aural, sensory component to your mantras. The sound vibrations you create as you chant a mantra are meant to be a part of your nurturing sensory experience during meditation. These vibrations also act as conductors for a positive flow of life energy, a recharging of your batterie. You want to breathe deeply before you release your mantra from your lips, and then stretch out the phonetics very slowly so as to prolong the positive meaning and the sensory experience. Put your whole self into it. Hear it feel it. Through sense memory response your brain comes to associate those sound vibrations with their meaning and with pleasant experiences. Over time, just hearing yourself utter your mantras will help to bring you quickly to a meditative state.

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