The Chakras or Vibrational Zones

23 Nov

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In the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, the energy vibrations zones are called chakras, and there are seven of them. Other ancient and indigenous traditions recognize these centers, too, but by different names. The chakras are vibrational zones in our bodies that carry information about all our organs and our emotions as they affect our physiology.

It is through these vibrational zones that the life – force energy – know in the Indian tradition as prana, in the Chinese tradition as chi- flows to the rest to the body. We are filled with and surrounded by this life – force energy. The chakra system is a way of understanding how we tap into that energy pool and the biological aspect of it in our bodies. There is a lot we can understand about our bodies, minds, and spirits once we understand how our chakras operate. By knowing how they function and what system they govern – and how they pertain to our own elemental makeups – we can further steps toward tailoring a set of healthy nurturing daily practice.

The seven chakra zones are aligned vertically, from the base of our spine to the top of our head, but they affect more than just the localized body regions where they sit. Rather, each of them governs different, larger sectors of beings. On another level, six of the seven energy centers also correspond with a different element, and five of them with a sensory perception. They are all associated with a color and a level of consciousness.

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